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The final book - sort of?

This Girl - Colleen Hoover

This Girl is the final book in the Slammed series. It's interesting in that this is not only an epilogue, but also the first book from a different perspective. I liked that the author was trying to do here, but there were moments when whole sections felt incredibly redundant. Entire scenes were the same, word for word, just with a different pronoun. 

That said, there was plenty of new scenes as well, and even a few new slams. Overall, this was a good book, and made me like Will more (considering I wasn't too pleased with him during "Point of Retreat."


I'm listing this as Upper YA as well as NA, because I think this, like the rest of the series, has cross-over potential. But out of all the books, I would say this one is definitely the one that is better for an older audience. So 17+, maybe?